BAFF SYSTEM, VENTILATED FACADE ENGINEERING, is a Spanish company with international vocation and leader in the sector of ventilated facade.

BAFF SYSTEM owners have been part, for over 30 years, to different management equipment.

With the experience and know-how acquired over the years BAFF SYSTEM is born. Founded by a team of professional experts on fixation system for ceramic and Stone cladding. BAFF SYSTEM have a team that made their fixation systems become global model.

BAFF SYSTEM, design, manufacture and distribute the anchor that fits your Project. Our engineering department can make the stakeout and design for the Project to obtain máximum functionality, best results and suitable price.

Our company follows strict work standards that make our work to be recognized there were we work all over the world. Following this philosophy, we have certified our processes under the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environment standards:

  • Customer and market orientation: our specialized staff ensures a personalized treatment for each project.

  • Competitiveness and innovation: our I+D department is continuously working to meet the most current needs of all aspects of the modern façade, offering the most advanced and high quality systems at an affordable price.

  • High responsiveness: our know-how guarantees the client that each project is carried out with the highest possible standards, from beginning to end.


BAFF SYSTEM has a multidisciplinary team with several years of experience in the sector. Managment, architects, engineers, trade department and office personel, have acquired the essential experience for our work to be effective with optimal results.


Our main office is located in Spain, but we have branches on different countries like Perú, India, México, Qatar, Kazajistán and Algeria, and we keep expanding.


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