It is a system for the covering of the façade that allows the formation of an air chamber between the external wall of the building and the cladding.


  • Constructive Easy to install, allows the use of different types of cladding as natural stone, ceramic or any suitable outdoor material. Also allows an easy substitution and provides high quality finishes and high durability to the façade.

  • Energy saving The distance between the building and the external façade allows the formation of an air chamber which is renewed by convection. This chamber facilitates that the warm of the building is mantained in winter and in summer have a lower insolation to the building, because the sun falls on the cladding and not on the walls of the building; reducing the energy costs by up to 30%.

  • Acousting isolation. The air chamber acts as an isulation for any noise from otuside. Through the adaption of the distance of placement of the cladding and the use of different materials the external noise can be canceled.

  • Waterproofing The airflow that exists between the cladding and the external wall allows that any filtration can easily evaporate. This circumstance also avoids the formation of mold stains if are used in the façade materials as stone or porous materials.