Baff System Engineering in Ventilated Facade, S.L. was born with the intention of offering a service beyond what had been offered to date untill now in terms of construction and installation of ventilated facade.

Experience has shown us that the client not only wants to buy a product, in our case a fixing system but also asks for advice so that it fits the client’s specific needs.

Our team focuses on this aspect, we not only sell fixing systems, we offer integral service. We do an engineering work, a complete study of your needs, advising on the convenience of installing one or more systems according to the type of work and materials used, we perform a stakeout of the work to optimize the process. We even offer the possibility of contracting different coating materials, since the agreements we have with different companies allow us to offer a competitive price. And we also have agreements with installers if you require it.

Knowing the importance of new technologies, our company goes one step further in its intention to facilitate the relationship with the customer. We have opened our website.

In our page you can find the latest news related to our company, opinion articles different kinds of systems for fixing ventilated facades, technical sheets of our products, catalogs, and much more. We hope your reading is pleasant, the information we offer interesting, and count on us to meet your expectations.